• A Club that is Right on Top of the Track

    Multiple Landmark Branded VIP Experience Centres

    Seamless Connection with the Race Track

    Professional Race Team Workshops that are Right Next to the Track

  • V1 Motor Club is the ultimate driving club for people who have a passion for cars and also appreciate the finer things in life, featuring a 40 room hotel, 5 star restaurant, a full spa and 24 hour security. This exclusive, invitation only motor club will be aimed at true motor enthusiasts and car collectors, creating an elegant environment for networking, socializing and racing.


    In addition, the club will provide members with a range of high end automobile related services, club house facilities and most importantly, showroom grade luxury automobile storage facilities for their beloved vehicles. The storage facilities come in three forms: individual car storage units, condominium complexes or stand alone private automobile villas. With its location on a full FIA certified track, V1 Motorsports Club will provide regular track access to its members in a controlled, safe, and world-class driving environment.

  • Lobby

    Sky Bar

    Road Safety Training Centre

    Members' Lounge

    Guest Room

  • V1 Motor Club’s exclusivity also means that only true hardcore enthusiasts are enlisted to join, creating a platform for like minded individuals to share their passion. Members will also be able to hone their high speed skills and technical abilities at monthly race training events and programs. Topics will vary and are customized based on driver proficiency and vehicle type. Moreover, the club will regularly hold members’ only events with special access to social, cultural and networking functions as well as exclusive access to professional drivers, celebrities, lifestyle experiences and more.


    The V1 Motorsports Club will maintain a stable of high-end, luxury brand vehicles that are available exclusively to its members. Experience the newest models and latest technology from a variety of manufacturers. Members can reserve the dream machine of their choice and hit the track.

  • Automotive Culture Centre and Display Storage Facility

    V1 Motor Club aims to provide car lovers and motorsport enthusiasts a comprehensive social platform that is all about cars. Whether it is about speed, gentle cruises, car collecting or exhibition, V1 Motor Club will surely become the first choice car lovers' destination.


    In addition to the club house is the Automotive Culture Centre and Display Storage Facility, This facility provides car enthusiasts a place to store, exhibit and hold car culture events. The storage units are all under 24 hours surveillance, with full heigh glass partitions, temperate control and low dust environment.

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