• Strategic Location with a Coverage of over 35 million Catchment

    V1 Auto World is a comprehensive automitve platform with an aim to create the most competitive and commercially viable location.


    Brands can take up prime location within V1 Auto World right next to the race track, taking full advantage of the various driving experience facilities, giving consumers a new way to experience.


    Since conception, AKD has been committed to the development of a truly professional and high end second-hand car trading service. AKD has won the “National Exemplary Used Car Business” award. In 2013, AKD’s first high-end used car trading centre opened to tremendous commercial success in Shenzhen. Following in the success of the first trading centre, a second location was established in Shanghai, in 2014. Today, AKD will replicate this successful business model to V1 Auto World. The AKD trading centre in V1 Auto World will feature a total building area of 250,000 sqm, which includes professional sales and after market services, auto financial services and certification, automotive products, automobile cultural experience and more. It will be the largest second-hand luxury car trading and service center in Northern China, and one of the most distinctive part of the V1 Auto World automobile ecosystem.

  • Brand VIP Experience Centres

    The Brand VIP Experience Centres are right within the V1 Motor Club area and directly next to the V1 International Circuit. V1 Motor Club aims to create a rich and active automotive culture and motorsport atmosphere, where brands can take up location and take full advantage of the surrounding facilities for their VIP customers. The buildings are also located within the race track, taking up the most prominent real estate with landmark architectural design.


    The buildings are designed with 3 floors, with the first floor as car exhibition and 2 levels of commercial space above. The buildings may also be connected to create a large space for brands who would like to bring in more activities and events. Last but not least, every building here are given a full full of the track regardless of which unit.

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