• Strategic Commercial Location

    V1 Auto World is located in Wuqing, Tianjin, strategically located in between the major cities of Tianjin and Beijing. The location allows businesses to cover three major counties: Beijing, Hebei and Tianjin with a total catchment of 35 million people. The project is easily accessible from anywhere in Northern China through Jingjin Highway, Jingjintang Highway as well as high speed rail.


    The project is surrounded by all the major local roadways of Wuqing, including Yongyang West Rd to the north, Nandong Rd to the east and Qianjin Rd to the south. The Wuqing high speed railway station is only 1 km to the east of V1. The high speed train reaches Beijing city center in only 19 minutes and Tianjin city center in only 15 minutes. Drive time from Beijing is a convenient 60 minutes while drive time from Tianjin is a mere 40 minutes.

    V1 Auto World is located right on the busiest streets of Wuqing district - Tianjin Rd. This road leads directly to Tianjin city and crosses Wuqing district from West to East along with the high speed rail road.


    Located on the west end of Qianjin Rd., just 1 km east of the project is one of the most successful designer outlets in China - Florentia Village. Along with it, is Veneto, one of the most popular commercial destination in Wuqing area, second to Florentia Village. By the end of 2017, Florentia Village had received over 6.8 million of foot traffic and achieving a sales of RMB 3.8 billion in sales.


    Other notable projects around V1 Auto World include the newly opened NBA centre, Creativo and the Triumph Kingdom theme park.

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